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Find Your Perfect Countryside Location just 25 miles from London

Our 500 acre family farm is nestled in the Chiltern Hills in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Buckinghamshire. Amersham London Underground station is just a 5 minute taxi ride away and we are located near major studios such as Pinewood, Leavesden and Elstree.

We offer every type of farm and countryside backdrop you could wish for all on our private 500 acre estate. Choose from: 

- grass meadows     - 100 acres of woodland (incl dells, tracks and clearings)    - hills     - crop fields     - 2 miles of chalk stream river     - a 40 acre private trout lake (with 1920's boathouse, rowing boat and jetty)     - paths and tracks     - green parkland     - 17th century barns     - steel barns     - farm vehicles     - modern and traditional converted barns into large houses (for shooting or as green rooms)     - farmyard with dovecote, stables and outbuildings     - pheasant shoot with compound (with various buildings, pig pens and outbuildings), hides and varying cover crop (incl 12ft high miscanthus fields) and shoot lodge (for shooting or as green rooms)     - a traditional village cricket club and clubhouse     - chickens, sheep, pet lambs and 20 plus horses and ponies in varying colours and sizes that can be used in your productions 

Every season has something unique to offer and the settings are constantly changing as new flowers burst, leaves golden and crops ripen ...

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About Us

Family Location Service That Delivers More

At Misbourne Valley Locations, we specialise in helping location managers and creatives find the perfect country scene for their shoot or event. We have experience in facilitating many kinds of productions, including stills, moving image, films, TV, music videos, commercials, events and location bases in excess of 250. We work with many agencies and aim to over deliver to clients ensuring complete satisfaction whatever and however challenging their brief.  Get in touch today and experience the benefit of working with a family run farm with marketing, media and production experience.

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Misbourne Valley Locations

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

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Location Backdrops

Ancient Parkland

New vistas at every turn


The ancient parkland acreage has been designed and planted back in the 18th century by esteemed landscape gardener Sir Humphry Repton as part of the original Shardloes Estate.

The 40 acre park shows no sign of modern life, buildings or roads, enabling you to create your chosen environment suited to your brief. Landscaped for sheer beauty every spot you stand opens up an inspiring new vista ...

Amongst the parkland there are hills, woodland, isolated trees, fallen trees, grazing sheep and horses and the crystal clear River Misbourne with bridges and waterfalls.

As the seasons change so does the landscape and meadows with wild flowers and long grasses appear and are cut for hay. Trees leaves turn colour and create dramatic scenes in Winter with frosts and sometimes snow and fog across the land from the river...


The River Misbourne

Perfect reflections

2 miles of crystal clear chalk stream runs through the heart of the farm. With bridges, waterfalls and a weir and varying depths and widths of water there are many shooting locations to choose from. The river has rainbow trout, plentiful bird life including herons, egrets and kingfishers, bull rushes, mint, and water lilies. Meadows surround the river banks as well as sweeping trees and magical pool with fallen trees forming natural bridges.



Lose yourself and be anywhere

We have over a 100 acres of woodland across different parts of the farm. With a mix of deciduous, soft wood and evergreens our ancient and historic forest contain tall limes, mighty oaks, ash, horse chestnuts and long pines.  

Within the woods are paths and tracks, clearings and a leaf-coated forest floor making it easy to walk through, photograph and film. Our private woods are on hills, level ground, by water, by tracks, by open crop and grassland and we even have woods to either side of the quiet village road.

Woods provide great places for wildlife and an array of beautiful forest ferns and flowers such as foxgloves and jaw-dropping bluebells that carpet the floor with their vibrant colours and magical appeal.



Shardloes Lake

Beautiful and Inspiring

Our large private trout lake in a 50 acre setting was created back in the 17th century by damming the river to create an idyllic vista for the residents of Shardloes House. The lake offers secret bays and river channels with islands inhabited by swans, herons and river birds.

Bullrushes and bird nests line the banks of the lake and a 1920's boat house and jetty house a rowing boat for exploring the lake. When shooting the jetty, photographers can shoot from the anchored boat or snap away from the jetty across the water.


The Threshing Barn

Shoot location or green room

The framework of the barn is around 750 years old and was traditionally used to store and dry crops such as wheat which required high ceilings with large tall doorways. The barn was converted around 11 years ago into a modern and stylish family home.

The barn can be used for shoots inside or for teams to prepare for their outdoor shoot. There are 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms an office, large playroom, dining room and a very spacious lounge which works perfectly for big crews to get picture ready. We also have a large patio where teams can relax and the garden backs onto the valley.




Dramatic hoizon lines

Farmland offers a wealth of photographic opportunities with vibrant colours, a large depth of field and epic horizon lines.

We have hundreds of acres of crops at Misbourne Valley including cereals such as wheat and barley. 

We also have more unusual cover crops due to the pheasant shoot such as miscanthus (elephant grass, similar to bamboo and growing to over 12ft), maize, millet, sorghum, kale and artichokes. Every season provides new interesting backdrops throughout the different phases of growth, cutting and baling.


Paths and Tracks

Beautiful and Inspiring

On the farm there are various roads, paths and tracks that run in and alongside woodland, open meadows, crops, hedgerows, post-and-rail fence line, river and lake as well as leading to quiet village lanes. A mixture of hardcore, track, stones and grass ensure most briefs are met.


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Get in touch if you have any questions, would like to book a recce, shoot date or event.

The Threshing Barn, Kennel Farm, Missenden Road, Amersham, Bucks, HP7 0RJ


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